Customer Testimonial Stills

Man, I keep forgetting to post on this blog with what I’ve been up to! Since my last post I finished up a video for Makesmith Leather Co., which isn’t going to be released yet. I PA’d on a gig for a political spot, shot a concert video, shot drone videography up at Foley’s properties in the Santa Ynez Valley and shot some customer testimonial videos.

I’m posting some stills from the videos since I’m really stoked on how the lighting came out. First time using some new lighting tools and I’m liking the result.


Back From Break

I haven't been writing much on this blog, but that's because I've been pretty busy lately. Lots of really awesome gigs are lined up for the next couple months and I also went to Hawaii for two weeks at the end of May. I'm gonna dump a bunch of photos here from the trip. 

I'll never get enough of the warm water, plate lunches, and cheap/fresh seafood.

All photos were taken with my Fuji X100. Love that thing.

Waikiki Sunset

Lāʻie Point



Koko Head

Makapu‘u Point Lighthouse

The Byodo-In Temple

The Laylow Hotel