Portland, Oregon in 35mm - October 2016

The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland
— Carrie Brownstein & Fred Armisen

A few months ago, I gathered up some old 35mm rolls that I had used up and I had no idea what was on most of them. One of them ended up being the very first roll of 35mm I've ever shot photos with when my Dad gave me his old Canon A-1 maybe back in 2014. As much as I'd like to say that I'm a natural photographer and the photos looked awesome, they didn't. In fact, they were sucked. Tons of photos were of nothing at all or way too dark. And that was even shooting in full auto with the A-1. At the time, I had no idea what I was doing. (Still don't) At least by the 2nd or 3rd roll, the photos seemed better since I was shooting in better lighting conditions and realizing that I need to put more thought into the photo before clicking the shutter release. Here are some of the better ones from a Portland birthday trip with Veronika in October 2016. I'll put up some of the other random photos in other posts.

Views from Stoller Winery

Beer flight at Deschutes Brewery

Mt. Hood in the distance from Stoller Winery

Half light leak - Half spider web at the Rose Garden




Burnside was one of the few spots on my list to go see. I wish I had brought my board for a couple reasons:
1. I really wanted to skate
2. I felt like a kook taking photos and not actually skating

#2 was reinforced by the guy in the bottom right photo about give me the bird. He came up to me afterwards to say he was just kidding, but he also warned that some dudes could get pissed. Not sure how true that was, but I didn't want to find out so I just shot a few more photos and watched.